Hello all,

If I posted in wrong forum point me to the correct direction.

I have installed Visual Studio 2005 (.Net 2.0) in my Windows Xp Service Pack 2 operating system.
When the setup had finished the wizard displayed me the following message :-

Visual Studio Setup is complete.
Setup is completed with some warnings."

Now when I clicked the "View Error Log" link a web document opened and there I found so many lines. Of them one is :-

"Failed to copy the file properly Webdev.Webserver.Exe"

Now when I'm trying to launch Vs2005 IDE, it is working but when I'm trying to run my programs by pressing F5 or anyone of the available debugger options I'm fetching the following errors :-

In case of windows applications (regradless whether the selected language is VB or C#) :-
"The application failed to initiliaze properly (0xc000007b). Click on OK to terminate the application."

In case of web applications (regardless whether the selected language is VB or C#) :-
"Unable to connect to visual studio's localhost web server."

These nasty errors have been irritated me so much. so to get rid of them I have been already formated and re-installed my operating system twice and then installed vs2005. But the problem remains same.

At this stage I just can't understand what should I do.

This is my request to all of you experts here plz guide me to correct direction and plz suggest me what to do next.

Waiting for some valuable responses.


have you tried a different source of installation (i.e. are you using the same .exe to install - it may be corrupt)?

no i haven't tried that but might be you are right. the same question is also moving in my mind also that the installer is corrupted.

tell me one more thing does this problem arise if my computer is been affected by viruses? if yes so to clean it will solve my problem?

one of my frnd said i should manually copy the files such as webdev.webserver.exe and other language compilers such as for vb.net and c#. will that solve this problem?

plz reply hurry as this is very much urgent. my assignments have been blocked for this.


if you have reformatted your hard drive, the virus(es) you had would have been removed, I would recommend downloading a new installer .exe and trying that. If you are worried about viruses google "avg free" and for spyware google "ad aware free". Hope this helps and good luck