Hi Everyone:

A page on my site is encountering problems with the AOL 9.0vr explorer browser.

The page is using a Server.Transfer() ASP.NET call to redirect to another page on my site. The AOL browser spits out gibberish ("a22a <meta NAME='DESCRIPTION'") and ignores the rest of the HTML on the redirected page.

The problem is only occurring for the AOL 9.0vr explorer browser on a windows platform (both broadband and dial-up). I understand this browser was just released around 4/1 which is when the problem started occurring. Older AOL explorer browsers have no problems using both dial-up and broadband.

Has anyone else encountered this problem recently and does anyone know a workaround for it without using Response.Redirect()?

I appreciate your help in advance.


We're having the same problem intermittently. Anybody know of a fix for this, or what's causing it?


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