:o I can't seem to remember where to find the files, and Outlook Express shows where they are, but I've been looking and don't see them. I've opened every menu I can think of. Also, I need to find Favorites and Links. I'm about to migrate to a new hard drive and I want to save these. Any help appreciated.
Thanks, BuddyB

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I have WinXP and this is for XP.and maybe win98 is the same or close to
open outlook and go to tools /options/maintenence,3/4 way down click on StoreFolder it will show the path to the folder that your emails are in .
You can save your favorites and the links will come with it .
Go to C:\Documents and Settings\yourname
and copy the big Gold STAR that is your favorites


There is a program out there called Outsource-XP which will back-up your Microsoft Outlook XP - emails, your contact list, calendar, etc. You can also just drag and drop emails from your Outlook to the desktop or to a folder on your hard drive to save them in .eml format.


In W98 you can found them in this path:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\

There wyou will found as many folders as identities you have created in your Outlook, with names like this:

Opening those folders youill find the path

\Microsoft\Outlook Express

And there are the files that save yor mail.
The final path looks like:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{03F0A200-C999-11D7-8DE7-882FAB9E6C1D}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

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