I used PQmagic to create partitions. My hard disk is divided into four parts-two primary partitions and two logical partitions with the drive letters D: and E:. I have installed two Operation Systems on my hard disk(Both are XP). When one XP OS is in use and C: can be seen,the other C: is hidden. But both D: and E: can always be accessed whichever XP is working. My question is: Can one of the logical partitions be hidden too with the specific C: and be seen when the corresponding C: is working? Maybe another logical partion can be created for both XPs.
Very much appreciated if anybody with good ideas can help me out. ^_^

You can actually change the drive letters cos it sounds like thats the main reason why you cant see both C : drive's.make sense right. windows cant display two drives with the same letters at the same time thats why when you slave your drive you in another machine,your drive thats usually C: (for example) for get a new drive letter ie F:
if you dont use both OS why dont you just delete the one for it will be easier other wise you can change one of the c: drive letters so all drives can be displayed