Win98se. The media player shows video but without sound. I cannot play any audio files ,getting error message -"Cannot play back the audio stream: the audio format is not supported." This occurs with all formats that are supposed to be supported by this player. Video and audio files play normally on Winamp and audio files on other audio players. I had this same trouble some months ago but it cured itself without any action on my part. This time nothing helps.
Please help Reuvn

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Have you tried downloading and installing any CODEC packs?
Windows media player is capable of automatic CODEC download, unless you disabled it. (tools/options/player)
Sometimes my windows media player mutes the sound by itself.
There is also setting regarding audio device (tools/options/devices/speakers properties)
Make sure it is set on default device.

Yes I have done everything. But I have discovered what is the trouble.I opened C:\ Windows\Sysbackup and I clicked MSPlayer and received following message--MSPlayer settings have been changed by another program. As a result MSPlayer may not work correctly. To fix please click yes--- I carried out instuctions and the MsPlayer played two seconds of sound and then stopped playing any sound. The problem is to find out what program is causing the error! As no new program has been entered. This information may be of interest to others who are having trouble with the audio on MSPlayer.

The media player there is the oldest one, and the message you recived doesn't have anything to do with your problem. Your problem is (I think) driver related one. Maybe you need to reinstall the DirectX or audio driver. Post exact audio hardware you're using and I'll dig up something.

WINDOWS98se. MsMediaPlayer9.THe only item I have to add to my original letter is this, Running a file "THe mouse that roared"DVdivx.avi- I get Video but no sound. The error message directs you to Microsoft web page, and the following message "Codec is missing

Windows Media Player cannot play the file (or cannot play either the audio or video portion of the file) because the Microsoft PCM Format (1) codec is not installed on your computer.

The missing codec might be available to download from the Internet. To search for the Microsoft PCM Format (1) codec, go to the Web site. "

Going to Multimedia I find this codec is installed on computer, and it cannot be removed. It may be corrupt but it is peculiar that a Microsoft codec is not availlable from Microsoft (or from anyware else?/ I reinstalled every thing including Win 98. As I pointed out, until a short time ago I had no trouble, and Winamp plays all audio and video files normally

Let me get this right.

You had an audio problem in WMPlayer 9.
You reinstalled windows.
Did it took care of the problem?

Let me get this right.

You had an audio problem in WMPlayer 9.
You reinstalled windows.
Did it took care of the problem?

Nothing has taken care of problem. Read my letter 3. concerning a program altering MSMedia Players setting, I had sound for two seconds, and then on going back to - sysbackup- I get same message that the settings have been changed by another program.

And in your letter no 4 you mentioned reinstalling windows, so I presumed that you gave up on windows and reinstalled it.

You still havent posted sound card brand/model.

Regarding winamp, it has 2 (sound card related) different plugins (options/preferences/Plugins/output). One is Direct sound output, and other is waveout output. Difference is that waveout output do not use DirectX driver to produce a sound. On the other hand windows media player is using directx only.

Those 2 seconds you hear is, most likely a sound buffer that can be accessed via control panel. (2 seconds is windows default setting)
The message you recive when you start older version of windows media player is file association related (windows registry is changed by installation of newer version of WMP), not driver nor anything remotly hardware related.

You need to use DXDIAG.EXE tool to see if and what driver related problems are with your system. (If you're ustng DX8 or later let it check WHQL signatures). After it has checked the signatures, there are 2 tabs that have a listing of the driver files. Any directx-non-compatable or otherwise problematic ones will be listed in the lower box with brief explanation. There is also a sound tab where you can test the sound output in various formats and software/hardware tests. There is also a slider (hardware acceleration) that you can slide left to increase compatability.

I have the same problem with my Vista laptop. I can't play mp3 files and the sound does not work when playing a DVD. There are no problems indicated of any type in device manager and my speakers are connected. The problem first appeared after installing a new version of Itunes. I know have removed Itunes but still can't play any of my mp3 files, even the sample files that came with windows. Most computer sounds work OK but the sound in skype does not work. I tried a system restore but don't have a restore date that predates the itunes installation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to daniweb :)

Please try installing this codec pack!

Good luck!

ok if u r windows media player is not working check the settings of mediaplayer and if u r media player settings is fine then check the audio settings of u r system,i think u r system sound setting is not currect ,just check it

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