My Windows XP can't load my local profile what should i do.

My Laptop started hanging, then i forcefully turned it off from the power button, and then restart it, while booting the OS complained that it can not load my locally stored profile reason either insufficient access right or local profile is corrupted and will load a temporary profile.

Pls... what should i do to restore my settings?


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What do you want to do? Most of your profile is how your desktop looks (assuming that you are the only user) and it is probably the same now as it was.
If you want it back, first try system restore. If it will not work for you try to reboot to your Windows XP CD. Allow it to go until it asks "found old version of windows, do you want to repair? Click "R" and follow all prompts. When asked if you want to register now click later as it is still registered. This should restore all settings you had before unless your profile is too corrupted.

It still did not work out.

Is there any other option it?

or should reformat the laptop?

No!! that is the very last resort but can sometimes be the best answer.
If you have done a windows repair from your CD and it did not work I can offer no other help, but there are many here better qualified than I , wait and let some one else assist you.

Alright am waiting

but can it be a virus that is causing all this, if yes, is there any good anti-virus that can get it off my system.

thanks in advance..

hi this is ram

i just saw ur problem u just try to start system in safe mode and try to login through admin account instead of ur local account and try to delet ur local account and re creat new account so u can access ur computer

Just my opinion, if someone brought me a machine with this problem, this is what i would do:::::
classically, there's no "good" way to recover your user, if windows cannot load the account, most of the time is very corrupt and it will need to be recreated, but more on that later,,

first, let's save your stuff.

Here's how i would do it::::
Download a copy of Puppy Linux, burn to CD and boot to that, then attach a USB External Hard drive, mount both the PC's internal drive using the puppy mount utility, mount the usb drive using the same utily. then back up the data files that you can see from there. Most of what you want is in the directory "Documents and settings".

You could also remove your hard drive, put it in a friends XP machine as a secondary drive, and pull your data off like that.

Now, to recreate the user, i would suggest you follow the steps in this article:::

Hope this works out. Be Happy!

Does he even have an administrator account on WinXP?

If he does then he can simply log into it with an admin account and go into
C:\documents & settings\user profile.

By user profile I mean the local user profile that you created and want to access.

See if you are able to go into the folder of that profile and let us know what error messege are you geting now.

i have only one account on the laptop(it's mine right?) and is administrator account.

what happen is that after putting my account password windows will display message "loading your personal settings" after a while it will popup an alert that it can not load my locally stored profile, that it may be corrupt then it will start counting down from 30seconds. if i click ok or allow it finish counting it will now display new message "windows loading a temporally profile". another alert will appear telling me that any change i make to this profile will be lost when i log out and it do happen when i save something on the desktop. unless i save it under c:\ drive

when winxp is installed it install an administrator account and a user account ,you can get to the admin account by going to safe mode,[hold down f8 key on boot up],go to admin account and control panel/users and create a new user[you ]

or when you turn on the computer if it goes to your user name to click on before it loads the desktop ,don't click on it ,hit the ,ctrl+alt+del keys 3 times ,you should be prompted to type in a user name ,type in administrator ,hit enter !as long as you never put a password on the admin acct it should go to the admin acct!

Go to Contro;l Pannel. open "User Accounts" Click "Creat a new Account"
Type Your name Differently to your current account name, IE add your middle initial, Click "Next" ensure that Computer administrator is checked and click "Create account"Click on "Change an Account" Click on your old account, Click on "Delete this account" Go to your new account and add a password, change the name back if you want. If this new account reacts the same as your current account, you will have to repair the windows files.

hello guys i have sorted it out.

i created new user account and login to the computer using the new account it didn't complain about any. the user profile just loaded successfully i now deleted the old account that was having problem.

so every is in good shape now.

thanks for ur contributions

i appreciate.

I had the same problem - my files seemed to be there but windows logged me in as TEMP so my documents and settings pointed to TEMP instead of my normal username - I had disabled system restore so could not run that - so I ran chkdsk /r and rebooted - it took about 4 hours to recover the corrupted files (on a 500GB drive) - but worked (so far !!)

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