Right, iv'e been stressing over this for the past couple of days. The lowdown is my Broadband connection connects fine, i can ping the dns server recieving 4 packets, so there is a connection. The problem is that IE6 wont loud any pages "cannot display..." also my games wont work online, p2p etc etc. Iv'e phoned the broadband company technician, no help what so ever! Iv'e tried pretty much everything like installing the drivers for the modem again, reinstalling the program that came with the bb, making my own connection, iv'e virus scanned with the latest bat files, tried turning the firewall off, ran spyware remover (search and destroy). And what annoys me most is i know it's my brand new just built computer because im writing this on my old peice a **** and it connects and works fine!
Can anyone help me?

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- Has this been happening ever since you built the computer, or did the problem start occuring at some later point?

- Are you directly connected to the modem, or is there a broadband router in the equation?

- Are you absolutely sure the firewall software was completely disabled? I've had a couple of instances where just choosing the "disable" option in some firewall software doesn't totally do the trick; I've had to choose not to have the program run at startup and then reboot.

- You said you can ping DNS servers; can you ping web sites by URL? For that matter, can you reach web sites through your browser if you do it by IP instead of URL? Try to hit Google by putting its IP in your browser's location bar:

Take a look at this link at microsoft. I think this may be your fix.

Take a look at this link at microsoft. I think this may be your fix.

It's alright thanks, i decided to re-format after the guy at BT told me to ring microsoft, obviously no chance. It's fine now, so thanks anyway. :cheesy: