hi there, i am a complete noob in this forum, so please dont take it harsh if i do anything wrong. well my problem is, a few days ago my internet went all wacko so i didnt take action cuz i thought it was just temporary. The problem is that i get disconnected off internet randomly and get reconnected after a few seconds. This has not happened to me before but i will tell u facts that you may need to know. 3 of my computers (1 laptop, 2 pc) is having this problem, all are windows xp professional, 2 of my computers are working fine (1 laptop, 1 pc), the pc is windows 2000 and the latop is windows xp professional. i am not sure if this is a virus or sumthing but i would definately want some replies, ty all! and have a good day!

Are all of these computers on the same network?

It's possible it could be some type of virus that so far has only effected some of your systems, but it seems more likely to me that there is a loose connection or bad wire somewhere; perhaps even a router or switch going bad.

yep, we are on the same network, if there was a loose connection somewhere wouldn't all computer have the same problem? i figured that maybe it was a virus so i ran: avg antivirus, spyware se, and spyboy search and destroy, after i opened my avg control center thing a whole bunch of viruses popped in my C:/winnt, there was no option for deleting the file so the option i chose was continue, so i scanned it and there was no virus, i scanned it for the last 3 days for over 2 times a day, i even installed xp again (upgrade), if there are any programs that u think i should use please post here, ty all.

If it were a loose connection or bad wire, it wouldn't effect all the computers because they are not all connected to one cable.

But it does sound like you have some other problems that should be dealt with first. Check out the links below and then post a HijackThis log in the Virus forum (NOT in this thread).

Is this a wireless network or a wired network? Do you have any routers, switches, hubs, etc.?

its mixed really, sum wired sum wireless, i have an smc router. ty