I have an MDG Apton computer that I just formatted. I got rid of everything, so the whole hard drive was an un-partitioned space. I then tried to install Windows XP Media Center Edition. It formatted just fine, but half way through the installation after the format I got an error that said a file was missing. The computer gave me 2 options...Skip or Retry...I pressed enter for retry and it kept working. Then the computer automatically restarted and it began the install and setup. after a minute it stopped and I got a blue screen reading that the computer was stopped to prevent damage because a file was missing...

This isn't even my computer, I was asked to do this...I have done it many times before, but on older computers only.

-I know FOR A FACT that the XP installation CD's work.

I encountered a Partition that had [FAT32] in the name, but thought nothing of it and deleted it. I think this is my problem. What can I do to fix this. Should I just turn the computer over to a professional? All help is appreciated.

Thank you

Format the disk and try again, after cleaning the disk. Try a lens cleaner also.
This time try "skip" instead of "try again", if the error shows up.
You may have deleted a restore partition that your install disk needs for some reason, in which case you may need a full install disk. Check with the PC manufacturer's site to see.