Hi, After a adware and virus infection I cannot longer surf on the internet, when I plug the cable it says renewing IP address and then Limited or no connectivity but if I plug a different computer internet works fine.

I connected the 2 computers thru a cable and the connection works fine
I tried to install the CD from my internet provider and the problem still there

Can anyone help me to find out what to do please?
crunchie helped me to get rid of the virus and malware and suggested to run winsockfix but the problem persist.

Thanks for your help!!

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Hi, please refer to this article.
Please tell me if it does not help you.

Hi, thanks for your answer, just a few questions...

Do I need to buy a hub?
This means both computers will be running to be able to use the internet in the broken one?


Yep, you need to buy a hub. They're affordable, not too costly.
Depends on the company and no of connections you want and the net speed of the hub.

You could also try re-installing your NIC driver. Click "start" > Right click "My Computer" > choose "Properties". Click the "Hardware" tab. Click on "Device Manager". Click on the '+' sign next to "Network adapters". Right click whichever device mentions the word Ethernet, (different NIC's will have different names, but the correct one will mention being an ethernet card). Then click uninstall and uninstall the device. Then restart. When you restart, windows will automatically re-install the driver for that device. Let us know if this fixes your problem :)


Thanks for your help, problem fixed!!
I really don't know what fixed the problem I was doing several things and when I restarted the computer all was woeking.

Thanks for your help and tine!

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