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Hi, Frank.. consider that SysRes saves some of your registry and some info about your system files [not all of either] then it follows that in cases of damage to those areas a rolling back to earlier settings will be of help.
Perhaps a bad pgm installation or a virus does some damage.... so you remove the problem ...ie uninstall the pgm or destroy the virus, but some damage to registry or sys files remains - then a Sys Res may help.
A like problem can arise say when the OS is recording changes to files, registry etc and an impromptu shutdown occurs; LKG may solve that, it may not. I use ERUNT for a more complete registry backup, but have not as yet required its service.
SysRes will not fix or return damaged or deleted data files.


Thanks for your explanation,so you mean to say that even after uninstalling the application or software,some of the files of the application or softwares remain in the system which causes the Operating System to malfunction.


A good uninstaller with a complete .ini file to guide it should remove all files [sometimes giving you choices] and registry entries. It is a pretty invasive application which has reg entries which could impair your OS, mostly they just add an insignificant amount of clog. Sys Res can't do anything about remnant files, it may be able to restore your registry so that it does not contain orphaned entries, but it can be that some are in areas the Sys Res app does not save in Restore Points. Hence the proliferation of Reg cleaners.... consider though that an app may create 5 or 20, even 50 entries, but the reg of a moderately-loaded system in all its hives contains tens of thousands... so a few are neither here nor there. Restoring to an earlier date is a simple thing to test if a problem occurs, but you should consider the effect on working installations made later than that date, so if it does not solve it then you revert to avoid conflicts with those installations.
Try researching the effectiveness of System Resore, you will see that it is not the perfect answer.

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