Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add Access to a purchased copy of MS Office 2003? It is a company pc with only MS Office standard installed and since this version didn't come with Access I would like to legally install it. Does anyone know if Microsoft has Access available for purchase to add on to the Office Standard edition.


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Microsoft Access is sold with other Microsoft Office products as well as by itself. Since you already have MS Office, you would be interested in buying MS Access without the office suite. As far as finding a place to purchase MS Access 20003... that will be a little difficult.

Is there a reason you don't want to buy MS Access 2007? You are able to use MS Access 2007 and MS Office 2003 at the same time; not all the MS Office products on a single computer has to be the same version. You can even have different versions of the same Microsoft Office product on the same computer. Unless you have a good reason not to use MS Access 2007, I would recommend buying MS Access 2007; it is compatible with MS Access 2003 database files.

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