Running Windows Xp And Recently Tried To Install Updates....
Now When I Run Ie6 And Go To Certain Websites, I.e. Monster.com, Career Builder, Mapquest, Dell.com, Etc. I Get A Ie Error Message That States The "program Must Close, Sorry For Inconvenience...." And It Closed The Program.... Never Did This Before; Looking For A Fix As My Husband Needs To Access These Sites To Look For Job....
Help!!!! Frustrated. Ran Full System Scan In Ad-aware And Norton Antivirus(found 4 Viruses And Deleted Them) Still No Fix....

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You've probably got some other funkyness happening. Try disabling BHOS:

In IE, click Tools, then Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. Uncheck "Enable third party browser extensions", Click OK, and then restart Internet Explorer. See if it still does that.


Thanks! I Will Try That.... If All Else Fails I May Uninstall Ie6 And Try To Reinstall It... Will Let Cha Know....


You might also want to look through your system log files to see if more specific error information is listed in them. To view the logs, open Event Viewer in your Administrative Tools folder. Post the full content of any error messages which may seem related to the IE crash.

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