i have been asked over and over and over to send error reports b/c ie 6 encounters a problem. the little menu pops up and ive sent, not sent, and looked at the details. the deatils are about 20 pages long so forget that.
i was told to disable error reporting and i did that.....no good problem still there.
i realize now that im pretty sure i have deleted something that ie 6 needs and i need to reinstall ie.
i have the latest ie6 installer from windows update and have already tried installing it, that didnt work.

i have determined i need to uninstall the ie and reinstall it but i can no longer figure out how to uninstall. (ive tried add/remove program (didnt work)


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go to add/remove programs ,on the left click add/remove windows components ,and in there you will se IE ,un check it and click ok,it should prompt you to repair .now I have never done this as i never have the problems with IE that a lot of folkd do!

yea tight i like mozilla a couple of annoying feautres to turn off but no problems.

ie is still in my c:/ ,the add/rem option to windows components took ie off my desktop but its still on my c:/

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