now that you realy have to spellout. iam not russian iam canadian.i dont know if thats what my profile says but when i find out how to edit my profile it will say proud canadian.thank for all the thought that went into the translation.

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click on use control panel above on the red line .then about 3 lines from the top clcik on profile and edit away .I to am from Canada.

i did edit location but i cant change my

Это была только шутка.
Щелкните отверстие, чтобы использовать таможенное олицетворение тогда загружают изображение от вашего компьютера, который является 100x100.

It was just a joke.Click the hole to use a custom avatar then upload a image from your computer that is 100x100

thanks for all your help.big b affleck the joke went over my you know eny thing about updates that just keep coming back i have two updates that i have downloaded and installed four or five times we speak iam downloading them again.they are october 2003 cumulitive patch for internet explorer 6 service pack 1.and 2003 security update for outlook express 6 i said this is my fifth or sixth time downloading and installing.the two together are only 4 mb

Are you on XP make sure your on a ROOT account
and where are you getting update at.

yes iam using xp home.i dont know enything about root account please explain.iam getting auto updates from windows update site the auto update just poped up as we speak.that makes 7.the two accounts i have are administrator and quest.

Quote :Click the hole to use a custom avatar .

the hole is usually refered to as a Radio button.
posted this just for the hell of it !: : :evil:

Good for you caperjack :lol:

thanks for the replys but the prob is still happening i have tryed to log off of administrator and log on as a geustn but i dont know if that helped yet.and about the uploading of pictures on my computer every one i have tryed it says its to big.

they can be no bigger than 100k

i got the picture thing down now.i havent had a update pop up for a few hours now. maybe by fooling around with it. i got lucky and fixed it knock on wood.

so muck for knocking on wood iam still having the update prob it keeps on poping up whanting me to update that the ninth or tenth time now its driving me crazy.i know i got off topic with changing my profile but now thats done i realy need help with this.

Is this a legal copy of windows if not you will either get corrupt updates or non at all.

yes it came with my computer.istill havent reinstalled windows yet becouse of the hard drive space prob i have mabe that has something to do with it

windows xp home came with my computer.

You should try a win98 bootdisk ,[havent got one get on here ,,]
FDIS,and remove all non dos partition and create new dos partition ,then boot win XP disk and reinstall windows .

thanks for the reply caperjack.that sounds a little bit to much for me so i think i will just stick with the basic reformat of a clean install and delete the partitions.

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