well this has been happening for a while and i would like some help fixing it...
i dont know when it started but
lets say i minimise a windows live messenger conversation ok
and i open up itunes...
i minimise itunes and then the conversation opens back up..
i ran AVG 8.0. free edition quiet a few times made shure i updated to the newest update before scan and and i even tryed scanning in safe mode..
and it didnt detect anything from what i saw...

any ideas???:)
dont mind m spelling im only 13 and dont know how to spell sertain words....

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LOL! Chill dude, it isn't a virus or anything. It's just the way windows is. I know... it's a pain in the balls, and I hate to tell you... but You shoulda bought a MAC!

Anywho... there is one other possibility, which is highly unlikely.. but still slightly possible. It could be spyware imitating the windows live messenger window... it which case you should download Spybot Search and Destroy. Spybot is free and is one of the leading programs for Malware removal. Download.com will have the latest version and you should update it before you scan with it... just like you would with AVG. Then if you don't allready have it, download Mozilla Firefox, also from download.com while your at it. Internet Explorer is just horrible these days... Firefox is the best replacement browser out there. It REALLY helps blocking spyware, malware, adware, and generally all shitware from getting on your computer. It is also free... any other questions feel free to reply... I'll respond somewhat quickly

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