I have a problem. I downloaded a program called OSL 2000, which is a boot manager, so that I could easily boot from my Ubuntu CD. I didn't know this at the time, but if my computer detects that there is a CD in the drive that is bootable, it auto boots from that CD. So I didn't need OSL 2000. I have a Wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard, but unfortunately they don't connect during the setup process, so I can't navigate through OSL 2000, to boot from my main Windows disk.
Does anyone know a good solution to this problem?

Thanks everyone.

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The easiest solution would be to get access to a PS/2 or USB keyboard and use that. If you don't use the Ubuntu CD, won't it auto-boot into windows? (unless you have already installed it)


And you can't get access to a plug-in keyboard?

If the boot manager is any good, I would think it would have a timeout setting (so default to a certain OS).


Like I said, it's called OSL 2000 if you want to check it out. As far as I know it doesn't have a timeout.

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