Hello all, I've been trying to figure this one out for a while to no avail.

I have disabled the "Auto-restart."

I've also tried to recreate the problem, to see if it was a specific program or driver, but that also has lead to nothing.

It happens are various times, under various activities (even an idle PC). It restarts, and never gives me a blue screen. When it loads up, it gives the typical "Windows has recovered from a serious error", and I send in the report. Microsoft has given me two suggestions as to the cause of the problem, one was a video card issue and the other was to update my BIOS.

I did all that, and nothing.

I thought, perchance, it was a heating issue, but I stuck in Knoppix, and the system is running fine with no errors at all. That also takes away from a HDD issue, and a power issue.

So, I'm at wit's end. Any suggestions?

try to scan your boot sector with ur antivirus.

Ok, I fixed it myself, thanks for the help. :-p </sarcasm>

For anyone else experiencing this problem, here's what I did:

I booted into safe mode because the computer didn't randomly restart whilst in safe mode. From there, I defragged and cleaned my registry. Then I defragged my computer. After that, I scanned my drive for errors. It reported a few and automatically fixed them.

Since then, the compter's yet to reset... Knock on wood, of course.

So, yes. After hours of waiting, and what not, tada.