hi, i'm using XP PRO i've tried to setup an FTP at home but i'd like to access the FTP at my office..so how do i configure the FTP to do this?
in the IIS configuration should i use my router IP address or my machine ip ad?

any help is greatly appreciated..thanks..

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You need to use your public ip address your internal machine ip will only work on your office's network. Install ftp via windows add remove programs then go in your router and port foward port 21 to the computer's internal ip address. Then on your home computer ftp to your offices public ip address your router in the office will now forward the traffic to that computer


Hi freshfitz, sorry for the late reply..what you mean for the public ip address? i'm behind a linksys router so i need to use the ip address of this router or what?


hi, i tried to ftp to the my public ip and set that ip also in my iis ip address,
i used the command prompt to ftp but it says "connection closed by remote host"

what could be wrong? thanks..


yes, i did forwarded port 21.. what i have done was like this my
ip address then i forwarded port 21 on the settings..

still can't figure out what i'm missing on my settings..pls. help..

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