Hi All,

This is the first time i am using this forum.I have a issue discussed as below.

I have Acer Aspire 4270 laptop (pre-installed with Linux), bought a year back. I got Windows Xp (SP 2) installed onto that by the shopkeeper. Now that I am installing Windows XP (SP 2) by myself, I am getting a lot of issue. These are summed as below:

1. Problem finding the LAN, Audio, Graphics/chipset drivers on internet.
2. I installed Audio driver (Z01-Audio_XP Vista-v5423whql <-- for Vista) and its working fine. Also I downloaded a LAN driver (working fine). But could not find any graphics driver.

Main Issue
3. After performing above stuff, when I create a new folder, I cannot rename it. When I try to delete it, it does NOT gets deleted but in turn creates a new folder with the name "New Folder(1)" or (2) like that.
I have tried formatting the entire hard disk and installed XP 2-3 times, still no luck.

5. Internet is working fine but cannot take backup of my stuff as same kind of problem occurs in anything I connect to my laptop.

I am really getting frustrated with the issue.
Is this issue because of a wrong driver???

Any help in this regard would be very appreciable.


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so if you are in windows explorer you highlight a directory goto file delete and it creates a new folder? what problem occurs when you connect stuff to the laptop. Finding the right drivers for laptops can be tough you have to look on google did you try searching for the drivers on acer's site?


hi, try going to command prompt.. type "ren old folder name new folder name".. to delete type "rd folder name" check if you were able to rename or either remove a folder....

try to download malware bytes.. just to make sure that your system doesn't have any malware...

for your driver follow the above advice.. or try to do some google key in your model name ..

check your device manager whether your system's controller driver are installed properly..if only the display driver.. i don't think it will cause this problem..

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