I ahve 2 building connected via Radio
The 1st Building have a network with IP scheme of 192.168.10.x subnet
2nd building have a network with IP scheme 172/16.195.x subnet

I have a machine in building 2 with NIC 1 have the IP address subnet and other have subnet

Now i want my users from building 1 to access internet from building 2 without changing there ip scheme and from building 2 to acceess my SQL server in Building 1

Please guide me how to configure my PC which have 2 NIC of both the IP's so that whenever a request of internet is generated from building 1 it passed to building 2 and whenever a request of SQL server is generated from buiding 2 it is routed to building 1 SQL server

The Pc in between is running Windows Server 2003


You need routing and remote access and you need to route the data packets from 1 ip address to another is a router/firewall involved with this setup