When I first started using Windows Vista I ran into this problem. I couldn't find where the "Run" link was! I finally had to google it...(having not known the hot keys to get it all these years... tsk tsk) So in case you have just bought/installed Windows Vista (poor soul) and you are googling "WHERE THE H3!! IS MY RUN????" Well here it is...

To open the "Run" window in Windows Vista,

1. While holding the windows key (the key with the windows emblem on it).

2. Press the 'R' key.

BANG! there is it! lol



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Thats the shortcut on XP as well ;)


And also on Win98/98se and i think on all 95 releases also :)

I don't have a "windows" key on my keyboard nor have I ever seen a "windows" key on any keyboard. My suggestion for anyone starting out in Vista is to use th Classic View until you get use to all the different control panel items and what they do and how to configure (or re configure) them. Then if you are bored and are in dire need of a real mind _ _ _K then switch to the new user unfriendly GUI and enjoy. I have more use for the "run" window than "search" anyways.

Here's the long way around:
Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Run

Here's the long way around:
Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Run

I assume thats in vista

Here's the long way around:
Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> Run

Creating a HOT KEY that brings up the prompt would be extremely usefull i reckon!! (How stupid to not have a RUN prompt on the start menu like ALL OTHER OS's)

I am on vista and have a run prompt on my start menu :cool:

I assume you are using the "Classic View" ?

You assume wrong:)

you can add run to the start menu
alternatively the search bar can be used as a run box

It's so easy to add 'run' to your vista menu

Right click on your start button and click Properties
Under 'Start menu' tab in Start Menu, click Customize
Scroll down and check 'Run command' then click Ok and Ok again.

Tada! there you go

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Win-Key is the same key that opens the start button. It is used for many windows shortcuts. Here's a list of them:

Win-Key : Start Menu
Win-Key + R : Run...
Win-Key + D : Show Desktop
Win-Key + F : Find
Win-Key + L : Lock
Win-Key + Tab : The cool vista scrolling through windows
Win-Key + # : Runs that # on your quick-launch bar

Someone may want to post all these in a thread and hope it gets pinned :P

nor have I ever seen a "windows" key on any keyboard.

I do believe you dont get it on some continental keyboards. But every UK keyboard since 1997 and onwards has it. Its between control and alt.

The only exception is laptop and small keyboards. Most laptops dont have one.

i wonder how do i activate RUN when there is no WINDOW key on the keyboard ? both on WINDOWS XP & WINDOWS VISTA ?

As mentioned above, open the Start Menu's customisation panel (right-click on an empty area in the right-side of the start menu and hit the "properties" option.

From there you can opt to customise the start menu, scroll down and tick the box next to "Run Command". Can also be found in the "accessories" folder in All Programs

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