I have a laptop that has an interesting problem. When browsing "Myspace" and only that site, it continuosly looses and reconnects when running wirelessly. You can see everything and can change to any Myspace site, but it is quite slow loading becausre of that. This problem goes away when you change to another website. Anyone else run it this?

The problem probably lies in your MTU (maximum transmission unit) in either your cable/dsl modem, your router, or your computer itself. (Or all three.) I'm guessing that you notice the problem the most when you're viewing a website with a lot of videos and pictures on it, which uses a large amount of bandwidth. In simple terms, MySpace is sending too much information for your computer to handle, so the connection cuts out.

The best thing for you to do is change that setting (duh. :-p).


Make sure you follow the directions exactly! Also, create a restore point before you start messing with anything, just in case.

The cable modem and router have been updated, so the computer itself must be it. It's the only wireless connected computer I have that acts that way. Thanks for the tip. I'll post what I come up with.