In my main account, after I logged in, I am faced with a completely empty background. Attempting to use task manager via Ctrl-Alt-delete or Ctrl-Shift-Esc is met with a popup stating that the task manager has been disabled by admin. Aditionally, Windows+C/R does not work (no response).

I have gone to safe mode and logged in as Admin (not the main account), where I created a new account. That account, which is in running on normal mode, also has no icons or task bar but could access the task manager Ctrl-Alt-delete. I then ran a new task, which is a short-cut to the C: drive, which after an error pop up, brought all the icons and task bar back. The task manager is, after a few minutes, disabled, again by admin. Luckily, I have managed to reactivate task bar via registry editor by this time.

Additionally, my background is covered by a another, black background with a grey box in the middle that sports the message that follows: (In bold, 32 size font, red and flashing) WARNING (in yellow, beneath it) dangerous spy ware (in white) many viruses were found on your computer such as: Trojan horse, Pass Capture, ect. Your personal information may fall into in the "third hands" Please checkup your computer with a special software. Thank (exact wording).

Also worth noting, a small balloon would consistently sport the words: Warning! Security report
Your computer is infected! It is recomended to start spyware cleaner tool. Clicking this balloon would result in a lin to the site:
It, in actual fact, is also a virus. Thankfully, I know of this site and did not download it.

I am now in a bind. I can still access my comp, still need to access my main account, but cannot due to above-mentioned circumstances. reformatting is not an option. Please help.

If you are able to access the net then download 'HijackThis' and run a, report the log here...Also run a scan using any Antivirus installed on your computer..thats the simplest advice i can give for the information you have provided..

A great program to install and run is Malwarebytes. I use it all the time for virus removal.

Thank you ever so much! After two hours of nerve-wrecking waiting, the problem has been solved thanks to Malwarebyte software. Thanks again.