my system finds the HDD but when trying to install WIN.XP.PRO, there is a message saying HDD cannot be formatted. sometimes when it is formatted and files are copying to the HDD, a message says the disk is damage or currupted. i used 3 HDD and it is the same results.

help please

if the drives were used before you don't need to create a partition just format the partition that is already there is good enough ,if the 3 drives you tried were all new ,maybe yes you would need to create a partition first
3 different disk all saying the disk may be corrupt !
maybe its refereeing to you windows disk being corrupt and not able to copy files ,maybe you could borrow a disk and try it

I came across a problem like this a while back and it turned out to be bad RAM causing the problem.

hey thanks for you guys support, it turned out that it was a bad RAM.
compdoc was right.


Also make sure MBR/Bootsector Antivirus protection is OFF in the BIOS.

It stops the bootloader being written during windows install

i came across this problem just last night ,friend tried 3 different drive also ,and got errors ,i ran memtest 86 and it had one bad stick of ram .