Anyone help with a Word 2007 file assocaition problem as follows?

Installed Office 2007 Professional on Vista Home Premium which already had Works V8.5.

Everything worked OK except that my existing *.doc files insist on opening in Works 8.5 and I want to use Word2007 for all docs (docx and doc). Removing Works did not help so I removed both Office and Works and put Office 2007 back on but STILL same.

Why won't Word 2007 take charge of my .doc files?



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You may have to manually change the default program the your files open with. Do this by right clicking the file -> Open with -> Choose Default Program

Then it should save it as default for next time.


Thanks Mat,

whilst this is one work around I'd expect applications to "claim" the filetypes that each is expected to open. For example, if StarOffice is installed alongside MS Office it gives you a choice of apps for common filetypes whereas in this case MS Office 2007 chooses to ignore *.doc files. I feel that can't be right.

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