Hi everybody,
I am Sophar a new member. I wish to seek you help from whom who can solve the XP error message: "Abnormal program termination: Stack fault CS:EIP = 000Fh:00001373h". I found while running the old DOS exe file. According to WIndows, this caused by the XP security patch. The MS Windows suggested to solve it by 1) recompile the fortran source code or install parallel Virtual windows to run it.
I want to run it with XP withpout recompile the source code and I don't want to install the virtual windows. Is it possible to remove that security patch? How?


It is quite possible to remove a security patch. You can most likely find the security patch in your Windows directory. Ex: C:\Windows\

The folders beginning with $ are all of your updates. Find the KB number. Probably will be this folder: $KB835732. In that folder, there is an uninstaller.

If I'm not mistaken, that is the SP2 Update. You may want to backup any files that you have created after the update and close down all programs when executing the uninstaller.

Thanks Swager for your kind help.

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