Hi, I´ve designed a label in nero cover designer, have found the appropriate label type,want to print it out but 2 to a page, and I can only get it to print in a format of 1 per page.
Yes, I feel a bit stupid cos I´m sure it´s something incredibly simple.
If anyone can help me there I would much appreciate it, thanks

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I'm wondering if you've had any feedback with a solution for this as I've got the same problem. It did not exist with previous versions of Nero. To get the front and back of a booklet, a different page stock has to be used, not the default "normal paper". I used to use the "Ace Label 20100 - 20199" for the front and back of the booklet. I can still select "Ace Label 20100 - 20199" for the front, but the program will not allow me to select it for the back of the booklet, it only has one choice, the default "normal paper." It is only by selecting a stock such as the one which I've mentinoned, that the front and back of the booklet can be printed to one page. It can then be folded, cut and inserted into the jewel case. If anyone has an answer to this you may reply to me privately as well to mexicoray@hotmail.com


Hi there,

On the subject of printing labels, i would have to admit i haven't ever really had much luck with printing labels. I always seemed to be spending most my time messing around the printer rather than printing labels. In the end i decide to give up on the whole DIY idea and i found a british labels company to do my label printing for me instead, saved me so much hassle.

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