Hey guys, I'm new to the forum...

I recently installed a Vista update and upon restarting, windows explorer kept crashing. The avira antivir would not run and claimed files were missing and I couldnt open my computer because when I did, explorer kept crashing.

Because I have an external HD, I spent a couple hours moving my files onto the external HD (just pictures, documents, etc...). Took a while, just kept restarting the explorer via Task Manager.

After that I reformatted my computer completely and reinstalled CCleaner, Avira, and Spybot... HOWEVER this brings me to my problem... After pressing the power button, I see the HP screen, and the microsoft screen but then the screen GOES BLANK for TWENTY TWO minutes until the login screen comes on??

Could some system files have gotten corrupted or something?

ANY help would be appreciated, this is ridiculous...

Hardware specs:

AMD dual 2.40 GHz processor
4.00 GB RAM
32-bit OS Vista Home Premium SP1

If you need any more specs, please just let me know.

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Ok, new symptoms... Malwarebytes freezes two seconds into the scan and becomes unresponsive, Spybot S&D wont even open, and the internet will occasionally not work as well as continuously open windows and cannot be stopped unless the process is terminated through the Task Manager...

The computer is an HP Pavillion tx2000
Everything in the device manager is good, no yellow flags.

I went to restart in safemode to answer your question, but this time it kicked on the startup repair... so I left it go and after maybe 45 minutes it finished repairing and it's MUCH better now, almost normal...

However after starting up its still nowhere near right... this didnt solve the problem with the fragile windows explorer upon logon. When I login, sometimes the desktop loads right up, sometimes its incredibly sluggish unless i restart windows explorer, sometimes its not responsive right off the bat.

All drivers are up to date, I havent putten any of my files back on, no programs installed again except avira, SpyBot, Malwarebyte, and CCleaner.

Nothing seems to work properly and half of anything I do causes windows explorer to become unresponsive.

How did you reformat the drive?

Just put in the Vista DVD and reboot, changing the boot option to CD/DVD drive and follow the prompts.
Delete the existing partition and format NTFS when prompted.

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