Hi all
Basically my problem is with FireFox. Afew days ago it preformed an automatic update, after this it restarted it's self,all good, but after re-opening it couldnt find the home page or any other page, no error messages just a white screen with the little bar and message at the bottom of the screen, not matter how long i left it it would not open any site. So i closed it and checked the processes running firefox was still running and could not be ended. On a side note IE still works but what has happended to firefox!?
any help appreciated

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Hmm, just sounds like a little bug, I would restart your computer (to kill the process), then uninstall firefox, then reinstall the newest version from there site.

thanks for the reply, but i've tried that, i re-installed version from the mozila site still no luck...really cant figure this one out

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