:eek: Please excue me.

I've been on this machine for 16 hours.
I don't know if I'm supposed to give my profile or ask a question.
I'm just an ol' woman, retired and real tired too.
It's very difficult for me to try to decifer all this small print.

I'm trying to set my computer up, so it won't crash again.
Now I'm getting error messages for the iexplorer,exe saying:
the memory [alway with a different number code] can't be read and has to be closed down.
Where do I find this help?
I sure would appreciate a little advise, ""PLEASE""!!! :cry:
Thanks :cheesy:

Hi there! I understand reading fine print can make someone really tired even with the best of eyesights.

There is a forum here for troubleshooting such problems, but I won't bother you to have it posted there. I'll ask the moderator to do that instead. :)

Coming to your actual question, it's difficult to imagine what might be the cause of the problem but with my Microsoft bashing attitude, it's difficult to decipher without some information. Could you post the exact message and when (or how frequently) you get this message?

I am suspecting this to be some bug or a problem due to a recent installation. If you mean THIS, you should check the resolution there and update the browser with the patch provided/