I have a doubt in my system I installed operating system XP professional2 after installed OS when I installed drivers it shows one popup message like this operating system doesn’t support Drivers so I Installed manually audio, video and LAN driver through browsing Drivers CD

My problem is that when I login or turn off my system the sound not coming, but audio was coming in windows media player

My system configuration is
250 GB Hard Disk
Intel motherboard
1 GB Ram

pls help me out this problem

Go to control panel > sounds and audio, and then sounds tab, make sure you select a sound scheme from the drop down list.

I tried that thing also but it shows error

Then see in device manager if there are any yellow exclamation marks, and update or install those drivers.

Thnq for ur quick reply Mr.Kraai

I got the solution

Would you mind posting here what solved your problem, this will help others with similar problems?