it is my first time to install windows 2003 using the active directory
please let me tell what im doing during my installation

1. I install windows 2003 and put IP address of statis like this:
Subnet mask:
Gateway: no gateway

and continue to install the active directory
with domain using is example.com

2. I reboot then i try to add user account but it gives me an error, I found a solutions something like this:

Edit the Default Domain Policy and navigate to:

Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Account
Policies/Password Policy

Then make the following changes (the password legnth one if optional but I
included it in case you wanted no restrictions at all):

Disable Password must meet complexity requirements
minimum password legnth - 0

Then go to the command line and type:

gpupdate /target:computer /force

then when i success for this i installed windows xp as client
then i tried to connect it gives me an error like this:

the user cannot be joined in my domain
i checked my ip address:

IP :
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: no gateway

please anyone can help me..

you need to have a default gateway keyed in first.