Can anyone get aol to worl on windows 64. is there any way to get it working even tho they dont support windows 64.

in another site someone said this:-
Success. Turns out the latest AOL cd-rom install did not install a 64bit winminiport, so it means no 64 bit driver was available to connect to the internet.

AOL 9.0 installs AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) 3.0 from the cd-rom. I was told to download a Beta ACS 4.0. When I did this, I was able to connect to the internet and both AOL 8.0 and 9.0 are now working well under Win x64.

and also:- After much hunting I found steps to run AOL 9.0 SE on windows XP Pro 64 Bit. You need to download "JRE 5.0 update 4" from for AMD64 bit. I could not get on web at all with my 64 bit system so had to download ACS 4.0 beta to my 32 bit system then copy the file folder to cd along with the java download, then boot up 64 bit system and install, java, then aol 9.0 se and then go to control panel/add/remove programs and remove the AOL connectivity service reboot then install the ACS 4.0 beta. Now 64 bit and AOL work great.

but i haven't tried them yet anyone know anything about getting aol on windows x64 to work aol dosen't have the drivers.

would be most greatful if you could tell me as aol just keep sating we dont support windows x64:rolleyes:

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Chances are it's not going to work, at least not with AOL 9.0.

The problem is with the fact that you need a 64-bit version driver for things like the WAN Miniport. Otherwise, you're stuck with kludges like the one you developed to get it working.

Why are you still running AOL, anyways? No offense.

Why do you need the AOL software anyway? AOL should allow you to have internet also without using their software, by the way.

Why do you need the AOL software anyway?

Most people use AOL as a browser. And although ya can check email at, most use AOL software to check it.

(this is assuming you're using broadband ;))

Most people use AOL as a browser. And although ya can check email at, most use AOL software to check it.

(this is assuming you're using broadband ;))

I know but this is totally silly. also the buddy list is nothing more than AIM

I was able to use AOL 9.1 on Windows Ultimate 64-bit edition for about 6 weeks. It just stopped working Saturday with an error message: "snmaster.idx is missing, please reinstall missing file". After several hours of deleting and reinstalling and talking to various AOL Techs they finally said that although AOL 9.1 will work for "brief" periods on WinVista64, it eventually figures out it is running on WinVista64 and self-destructs by deleting this database file. I am trying to find out why AOL can't just fix the database problem directly since AOL 9.1 was running very well on WinVista64. A small note of caution here, I was only using email (not AIM), but I could access my address book, saved emails, modify spam controls, etc. I could even play AOL games!

Realistically, it may take some time for me to get to someone with more depth in the AOL Tech Support Group and get a "real" answer. They say they are working on a 64-bit version of AOL, but who knows when that will surface.

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