i recently got the gmail hard drive thingy that lets you store upto a gb on your gmail account as if it was a hard drive. no i know this is probably impossible to do but could you somehow combine the space from all your gmail accounts (i have 51 and counting) into one massive hard drive. for all the ppl who dont know what i am talking about i just thought you should know that this hard drive does not execute files just stores them.

I thought gmail only gives you a gig to store your e-mails? You don't have FTP access or anything like that, right?

I think what he means to say is that he has, in essence, 51 gigs of space, but they are all seperate, right? and he wants to combine them all into one 51gb of space without have to access them all seperately. Well im not sure, as for myself Im still waiting for some people to send me an invite :p

No Dani. this refers to a shell extension which allows you to use a GMail account as a 1Gb drive.


Just why the hell anyone would WANT to is beyond me, though. A small amount of storage space, an excruciatingly slow data trasfer rate for most people and still an annoyingly slow data transfer for those with even the fastest of net connections.

No, you can't 'combine' 51 such accounts into a single storage space - not with this shell extension anyway. And even if you could, it would be damn near unusable.

The cost of a couple of cases of beer gets a decent hard drive. Adding another of those to your system is a far, far superior thing to look forward to :D

I've always wondered what the point of this Gmail hard drive shell extension was. I can see where it would be handy to have remote file storage, but heck, there are all kinds of ways of getting that now, and like Catweazle said, hard drives are so cheap...

the point is not to store things on it as a permanent hard drive but to move up to a gb of stuff from computer to computer for free without having to burn a cd, dvd, or buy a flash drive.

Given the transfer speed you'd need an hour or more to upload that gigabyte even on a 2MB SDSL connection.
Just buy a 1GB flashdrive, they're dirtcheap and a lot faster.
Your ISP will love you, which may mean no disconnects due to going over your datalimit :)

And if you think you'd use that to swap pirated stuff with your friends around the world, that's illegal (and without doubt a violation of your GMail TOS)

a 1gb flash drive is not dirt cheap for someone who is 15 and doesnt have a job so 1gb of remote hard drive space is pretty good for free it doesnt matter how slow or fast it is it is free.

I create an email and save my files as attachments.

But i only use this on very small files that i need to move from computer to computer and i don't want to carry a usb key (or my mp3 player).

I just installed it and it seems very nice. Can you upload files greather than 10 megs?

yeah i think so it will take a long time though

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