While trying to partition a 120gb hdd on a brand new computer somehow c: got set as a network drive. I was trying to partition a brand new 120gb hdd. Had activated primary partition and activated it.(40gb). Then made another partition and logical drives D:(40 gb) & E:(40gb). Then formated C;. When I restarted computer had only C: and capacity of 48gb. after deleting d,e,and c, and all partitions and trying to format disk It tells me I cannot format a network disk. Starting fdisk all over it it says I only have a tolal disk space of 48gb. This is brand new computer without an operating system.

Work out beforehand what partitions you want.

Go into BIOS setup and set CD-ROM to be '1st boot device' Pop your Windows XP CD in the drive and reboot. Press a key when prompted to boot from CD. At the appropriate point in the process, choose to Remove the existing drive partitions, then create new ones according to the structure you want. Then install windows XP to the primary partition.

You'll find a detailed article about the procedure via the link in my sig which realtes to installing Windows.

Fdisk has no place in the process for a Windows XP user.

(Now I really hope you have Windows XP! :))

Problem resolved. Thank you very much!

I'm also having a problem with getting the error message "Cannot format a network drive".
I've been trying to reformat my hard drive and install windows 95 from a CD I have. I've already made the boot disk and am doing everything right except it comes up with that error message every time I restart from the boot disk.
Is there a way to make the hard drive a non-network drive so I can format it? (btw, I'm currently running ME so I'll need the solution to work for that os)

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