I'm looking for recommendations, I'm thinking about either Norton 360, XoftSpySE, or Shield deluxe 2009.
I am also open to other recommendations, I have a Dell desktop with windows XP and an HP laptop with Vista.
Thanks for your help!!

If you looking for good Anti-Virus protection, i would recommend Avast, it's free, and is updated everyday, it's very good :). I use it on my XP Desktop and use it on my Vista laptop and have not had a virus on either of then, and it has stopped many connections on my XP machine.... so it is very.

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Good free anti-viruses are Avira personal edition (www.freeav.com) and avast! I prefer Avira because it's lighted on resources.

I think macfee. its free and its update files also free.

i use malwarebytes antimalware, superantispyware, combofix

i use malwarebytes antimalware, superantispyware, combofix

Using combofix without supervision is not recommended. Wrong use can mash your operating system!