i use a trial version of vista. its the best operating system i have worked on. please, can some body help me in getting the product key for vista..

Unfortunately, the only legal way to get a key is from microsoft. Noone here will be able to provide you one without breaking their Terms Of Service (ToS).

You don't want to break the microsoft ToS. Don't look on newsgroups, those won't have any answers for you. I wouldn't ask around on IRC channels either. Those people are evil hackers, who use lunix, so they won't help you.

;) good luck otherwise.

Is it worth it? You know what microsoft are doing with XP users now with the genuine advantage service.. well its only my opinion but I think they will be harsher with vista.

Plus.. The OS is the most important thing on your pc so if that goes wrong because you have a dodgy copy?

Is it worth it?

the easy thing about genuine advantage for XP is that it isn't a critical system update, you can opt out of installing it.

And with vista, it's only a matter of time. But when it comes to cracked os's, it is always a fundamental step to have at least one 'legal' 'working' os on your computer.