HELLO to all, anyways straight to it, i've got a miner problem. My media player has a limit to how many songs i can have in the library for some reason. at first i was just using winamp and after ripping 200songs or so it just kept replacing the old songs with the recently ripped ones. i thought it was a winamp thing so i turned to windows media player. And it is doing the same thing.By default is there a quota set or something,if so how do i turn it of. I know its not a HARDDRIVE Space problem cause i've jjust recently built this PC and i've got 460gb free. IF omeone could help me email me on = povsta@live.com.au

Sounds like the device you are using as a MP3 Player has that limitation, not the PC.

its not a device cause i'm not trying to put songs on an ipod or anything its just the pc/wndows media player itself.

What versions of the software are you using ( media player and winamp )?

IM USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11/ And was using WINAMP 5.5 PRO. any idea what the problem could be. I've already check to see if there are any limit qoutas put on my user but there is none. Im the only user/administrator.

What error message do you get when putting more than 200 songs?