I am running XP, with Windows 8. I have been having an incredible amount of problems but this last one is unbearable. Whatever site, where ever I am on line the vertical scroll keeps going. Even when I compose email. If I left click on the scroll bar and hold it for a second the scrolling stops but as soon as I need to go further down the page it scrolls and keeps on going.....in kind of a choppy motion. I checked with Microsoft (online) and couldn't understand their resolution at all.....in fact it was almost a "live with it" type thing. This is driving me crazy. Does anyone know why this happened and what I can do to get rid of it???????
Thanks so much.........

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Does it only happen in your browser? What browser?

There are a couple possibilities:
Check your Accessibility settings
Check to see if your keyboard needs cleaning

Have you tried a different mouse/keyboard? What kind of mouse/kybrd (wireless, USB,?)

This happens on every page I'm on....if there is a scroll bar it scrolls and won't stop. If I click on anything on the page this sets it off (the scrolling). When I am composing and click to drop down to start a fresh paragraph it starts scrolling. I am using a Logitech wireless mouse, have been for several years and this is the same one. When you asked about my mouse I hooked up another...Dell with wire, but still scrolled, scrolled, scrolled. Just cleaned my keyboard, no change. Where would I find my Accessibility settings?

I run Internet Eplorer. Several weeks ago I hooked up Magic Jack, so, thinking this may be the problem, I disconnected it. Didn't help at all. I also have Spydoctor, ran a complete scan and it came back clean, also Ad-Aware, clean, also.

Thank you!!

on the page click your mouse' roll,and to stop rolling click again

I am running XP, with Windows 8. .....

does this mean windows xp with Internet Explorer 8, if so maybe you cold go back to IE7

Think some keys in your keyboard is pressed all the time. I think the space bar in your computer is pressed incessantly.
To cross verify, remove your keyboard, use only mouse and onscreen-keyboard.

Still prob persisting, try removing the mouse use keyboard alone.
Problem should be of these two, I reckon.

or use the firefox

does this mean windows xp with Internet Explorer 8, if so maybe you cold go back to IE7


Yes, Jack, that is exactly what I have. I was wary of going to 7 as I understand it is a beta version. I had 6 before I downloaded 8, 6 was fine. I find I can't go back to 6 without doing it manually because (according to Microsoft) changes made by IE 8 are permanant, and I am not really that experienced. I am afraid I would really mess the whole thing up.

The everylasting scrolling isn't the only problem I have; Windows hanging up, unresponsive programs, slow loading, programs that are turning up that I haven't had on here in years, start-up items that were disabled from start-up are now re-appearing. Maybe I need a computer repair guy to help.....it's a mess and SO FRUSTRATING!!

Thanks so much to all who are helping me.

7 was beta but that was a long time ago ,8 was beta to for awhile but is full version now as is ie7 . all microsoft programs come out as beta first.
im gonna suggest i program i like and have a lot of faith in ,its called ccleaner it will clean computer of unneeded temp files and clear cache folders ,also has a regirstry cleaner tool .run the registry part until it doesn't find any more dead keys .

also try firefox browser and see if you still have scrolling problem.

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