Hi everyone,

I am using Access 2003. As I understand, there are things you can only do in the 'form' mode but not in the 'table'. Why is that? For example, let's suppose that I have the following fields in my table 'product': ID, Name, Code, Style

Every time I type a number in the 'Code' field, I would like the field 'Style' to receive a certain value. For example, if I type '1' in 'Code', I would like the 'Style' field to say 'Not available in Europe'. If I type '2', then 'Style' should say 'Shipping to Europe within 1 week', or something like that.

I know I can do that in the 'form' mode by including a procedure for the 'Code' field. But, what if I don't want to use the 'form' mode to type my data, but the 'table' mode? How can I do that in the 'table' mode?

I thank you in advance!



What you are trying to do can easily be done with a query. However, is the Style completely defendant on the code? If so, then I would get rid of the Style field and add a lookup to the code field; that would result in a user being able to select the code from a dropdown box, which displays the styles and the database will store the code. In other words, the user will only see the styles but the database will track only the codes.