Hey guys,

everytime that the monitor goes off or the screensaver goes off, xp hangs. if the monitor is off, it will turn on and bring up the desktop and i can move the mouse, but i cant click anything and CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work. i have to turn it off and back on with the power button. when it is onscreensaver, it wont bring up the desktop. again, i have to turn it off and on. PLEASE HELP ME!

i am using xp (sp2). even with sp1, it did it. so i crashed it. it still does it. hELP

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Are you using a standard Windows screensaver or one you've obtained from somewhere else? If it's not a screensaver which is 'built-in' to Windows, I'd suggest you stop using it and get rid of it.

You should also find the 'Power Options' section in Control Panel and disable any 'standby' settings to see if that effects the problem.

No, it's just the standard Windows XP Screensaver. Also, im using the regular theme. do you think it has something to do with sp2? also, if i wake it up to where it doesnt do anything, i leave it alone and then 15 min. later, is says that there is no fixed disk present. press f1 to save changes. i cant press anything else. then when i hit f1, it restarts and then stays at the beginning compaq logo. i turn it off and then back on, and then it says fixed disk present. hit f1 to save changes. i hit it, it restarts and then it works fine (or at least until i get the problem i started out with)

No nikkisboricua, I don't think it's something specifically to do with SP2. I think it's a problem which existed prior to SP2 being installed. In fact I think you have two problems.

The first is that your CMOS battery is 'dead' and your system is no longer holding it's hardware configuration settings. that's why you are getting continual messages about the hard drive not being present and needing to press <F1>. Either open it up and replace the battery yourself, or drop the machine in to a repair shop to have the battery replaced.

Secondly, I think you've most likely got a virus, spyware or other malware infection which is causing problems for you. Follow the advice in the 'Helping Yourself.....' topic in our Security Forum to ensure your system is cleaned up.

Finally, the power management settings in BIOS Setup may have been reset when that CMOS battery died, causing a mismatch between your hardware's settings and the ones in place in your Windows installation. We'll deal with that possibility AFTER you've had the battery replaced, eh?

this computer i just crashed and rebooted with xp, and then immediately put in sp2, and it has never been online before (i ordered the sp2 cd), so it cant be a virus, i think. and if it is the cmos battery, how much do those run ($)?

The batteries are quite inexpensive. The service charge for having one fitted should only be a basic service fee.

I suspect that's a Compaq you have there, but what type and model of Compaq is it? Please include all information in the forum topic, rather than sending details by personal message. I do not deal with problems via PM, and I suspect others are disinclined to do so either ;)

oh boy. i dont have money. i just spent all my money upgrading the friggin thing, and look what happens. when i had 98 se on it, it worked fine. oh well. if anyone still has any suggestions, please feel free to post a reply or e-mail me at chatterbox32790@aol.com. thanks for all the help, catweazle

it is a compaq deskpro (i dont know the model number)
298 MHz Pentium II Processor
96 MB Ram
CD-RW Drive - Master
CD Drive - Slave
3 1/2 Floppy

Oi!!! Slow down there!!

What sort of Compaq is it please? If it's a desktop PC the battery replacement is quite simple and should only cost you less than the price of a takeaway feed! Let us know if you need further assistance to do the job.


Ooops. You beat me to it.

Disconnect the power cord, open up the system case and locate the round Lithium battery you'll find in a clip holder on the mainboard. Pull it out and get a replacement from any electronics store.

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i dont know where to get the part and how to install it. i also dont have grounding equipment. if u could help me with some info on what i should be doing, that would really help.

just take it in and they'll give me the replacement, right?

oh boy. i dont have money.

It looks like an oversize watch battery and any place that sells watch batteries should have them. They're only about $3 (US); and easy to replace.

Hey guys. I just replaced the battery, and I still have the same problem. Help, please.

OK, let's be clear here. Do you still have the "No fixed disk. Press F1 to setup" problem?

no, but i changed the battery in it. it is still freezing when coming out of screensaver, though. Its stuck right now. i really don't know if it will say no fixed disk or not until whenever it does sumthin. *sigh*

Right, I think you may just have one of the problems sorted out, and it's time to address the other.

First bring up Control Panel -> Power options and report what the settings in there are please.

Next, right-click 'My Computer' choose 'Properties, and on 'Device Manager' go to the View Menu and select 'Devices by connection'. Let me know if there are any devices reported as 'ACPI' please, and then change the View setting back to 'Devices by Type'. Also check if there are any entries in Device manager which are marked with a Yellow Exclamation mark please.

Next step I'd like you to do is to use this article:

"How do I do that BIOS Setup thing?"

and see if you can get into BIOS setup on your system. If you can could you please report what (if any) settings you see in there which seem to relate to 'Power management'

All computers are different, I'm afraid, and all of that should give us enough information to work with. I can't recall offhand how those old DeskPros were set up.

By the way, if you still DO get those 'Drive not present' error messages, I think you should assume that old PC is on it's way out!

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