I am not a software developer.
I need a translator for english to gujarati and marathi language who translates my excel document into above languages.
Do anyone know sites giving free translation services with these languages.
I have serched many sites but it gives title "english to gujarati translation" but actually software doesn't support that language.
Can anybody help me for this.
Thanks for help in advance.

If you use US/English software, your program my not work in another Country, particularly non-english countries like India or China etc... unless they , too, have the US/English versions of Windows.

When you setup windows, there is an option for Eastern Languages. Most people don't bother but it might help you.

Excel does have a Package and Deplyment Wizard. It is separate to Excel, and is only shipped with the Developers version. The package bundles all the dlls and ocx and the file into a setup . The end-user still has to have Excel on their computer but at least the setup wil load files exclusive to your computer.