I just recently got a horrible virus... kinda deserved it. Anywho I reinstalled windows along with all the updates since service pack 2, .net stuff and my p35 chipset (which on the MSI website everytime I'd download the chipset drivers for my motherboard the DL file would say p45?). However I cannot get my computer to boot up after I install the video card driver. I boots all to the windows loading screen, then after a lil bit just goes black, if I go back into safe mode and delete the display driver, I'm back at my 1400X1050 resolution(Cannot go any higher). I currently have a MSI p35 Neo2 FR motherboard along with an ACER P244w monitor and HD 4850 which were all working fine before this issue. Another thing to note is that the screen image does not fit the whole monitor size. I did download a driver for the monitor also but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

P.S. Also everything else works fine such as my wireless card, firefox, and random programs that don't require a good video card.

Alright I tried the motherboard drivers that came on a disk with the motherboard and it didn't help.

i alwasy find and think its actually reccomended that you install winxp ,and the next thing you install is morherboard chipset driver and then vide o,before you do any windows updated .start orver !

All fixed, was a monitor issue apparently. I unplugged my 24 inch from the computer and power, then plugged it back in, didn't work. So I decided to plug it into my 22inch, UI came right up just in the 1080 resolution, fixed that, plugged the 24 inch back in and it works great now? Lil confused but no complaints, and I def agree with your statement about installing the Chipset second (have the OS, Chipset and Display Driver on there own HD) , thanks for the help :)

great to hear you sorted it out