I'm getting an issue where sometimes it looks like the server is getting confused and the internet doesn't work unless I disable the internal network card, then the internet on the server works straight away, it looks like when the internal network card is enabled the server doesn't know whether to pull the internet from, the isp network card or the internal one, what could be happening?

I say sometimes because my setup was working for a while but I'm not sure what's changed, I really think nothing has changed though. And this did happen once before so I reset the server and it was fine. It's not a traffic issue as I remove all the clients except for one for testing purposes.

My details:

Internet Card IP:

Netwokr Card IP:
gateway: (or it's the router IP, I can't remember atm)

Clients are pointed to for the gateway

thanks heaps

try this:

open the TCP/IP properties of your internet card and click Advanced in the bottom right corner...

at the bottom of this screen you want to uncheck the box that says Automatic Metric and apply a metric of something below 25 (maybe 10 to be safe).

Also could you provide your output from the following command at a cmd prompt:

route print

Thanks Duki what does the metric do?

I think I have found the solution anyway and I hope this can help someone else:

I set the gateway of the Internal network card to Nothing Leave it blank. The Internet card still needs the gateway set to the IP of the modem.

This has been working for 2 weeks now with no problems!