Hi, This is a great site. I'm still a newbie techie so bear with me. I Finally bought an XP upgrade for Win 98 a couple days ago and so far I'am very happy and pleased and wonder why I didnt upgrade long ago. I have never seen a pop-up since, it is quiet as a mouse. However I have two (2) questions

When I boot up it goes to a black screen that asked me what operating system I want to use. It lists "Microsoft Windows XP home edition" TWICE. When I click on the first one it goes to the one that is working correctly. When I click on the second Win XP O.S it goes to about the half way point of the installation process and ask me to insert the Win XP CD. How do I get that non functional operating system off there?

Second question. I save all of my documents and briefcase stuff on a Yahoo e-mail as a back up. When I installed XP over 98 it did say that I might lose everything in my documents and all my other files if I install so I thought I lost everything in documents or briefcase. I was looking on the harddrive and I found another documents that had all my files from win 98 I was over joyed but I looked for my files that were in my briefcase but could not find them. Could they be somewhere around? I have not installed any windows office software yet. Thank you

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the reason they were not deleted was because you opted not to convert over to the ntfs file system when you installed your winxp system, but you instead kept fat32, the only drawback to this is that there is no security on your files, however this may not even be an issue for you.

as far as the briefcase I don't know where they are, you can try doing a seach and try searching for them, but if you want to get that little black screen which ask you which OS to boot you can get that to go much quicker (for instance 1 second) instead of the default 30 seconds! This way it doesn't lag your bootup time, to do that open the control panel (in classic view), and select system. On the advance tab you will see the button under startup and recovery which says settings, click that. Now you will see a list of default operating systems (funny how this never seems to be able to find linux os, but that's a different story) if your comp boots up just fine then do not change the default operating system, just decrement the time to 1 second or so (do not use 0 seconds because you never know when you might need that 1 second for something, or in case you accidently select the wrong os so that you can change it back)

accidentally double-installed winxp home and pro on my machine, home non-functional but still a boot option. may help to hit start->run, type "MSCONFIG" (without the quotes, not case sensitive) and click on "boot.ini" path. it will check boot paths and delete un-necessary value, keeping it from even asking on that list that comes up. make a backup of original boot.ini in case you need to revert for any reason. The files are still there for ntfs compatibility, if that's necessary, and you won't get a pop-up at all asking which OS.
Or you could do that ^^^^^^^^^^^ said. :)

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