I am currently using a USB 3.5G HSDPA Modem with 7.2MB internet.
I want to start my own Counter Strike 1,6 server and all the tutorials say i have to port forward in order to have a static IP.

is there any chance for me to set started with out router ?

If you don't have a router, there shouldn't be any devices blocking the ports, so port forwarding isn't an issue. The only thing you'll need to worry about, is if your running a firewall of any kind, you'll need to allow the ports to be open.

The documentation assumes that people are behind a NAT (usually caused by a router/firewall) when it makes this statement, if you aren't, it doesn't apply to you.

Thanks,but i am using Windows XP sp3 and i have windows firewall and NOD32 running on my PC,does it have to do any thing with ports ?

If there is can you tell me what to do about it,cause when i try to run the server,i have to specify a port,what do i do for that !

And is my IP going to remain the same when i restart the PC,cause i need a Static IP so people can add my IP to there favorites.

thankyou in advance for your reply.