Good morning from CT.

In the belief I could speed up start-up, I tweaked the settings on MSCONFIG as recommended on a post I read.

As the caveat explicitly stated, the outcome from this experiement turned out to be quite different from what I had hoped and is the reason I am seeking help.

Among other things, the "Help and Support" does not work and is telling me I have to "start" the service, which seems more complicated than a simple "enable" ( if I can ever find the window/site where I could do that).

System Restore has apparently been affected as well as I can not go back to previous days to select a good starting point.

This is just for starters...I would be grateful for any help !


Since you didn't say what operating system or version you are using, my guess was to move it here.

Hello Ancient Dragon,

and thank you for the interest. I truly appreciate it. Incidentally I have WinXP.

In any case since my posting, the Help and Support has returned
but now I've discovered that the Device Manager won't open; the printer won't work and there's no sound coming out when I open my WMedia Player.

I suspect there are other hardwares as well that are not operating.

There's also the "Restart Mic-IntelliType Pro" message that keeps popping up each time I first start and which won't close.

Thank you again !