A few months ago i turned my laptop on but it wouldnt work! So insted of getting it sorted i just put it behind the sofa and ignored it! Now i actually need it! Im no computer wizz but i kinda know the basics, and want to learn more - much more!

There is a screen that keeps coming up when i turn laptop on and i cant get past it. There is loads of info on it, but the bottom half says

Configuring: (bridge controller )
Configuring: (bridge controller )
Configuring: (Network COntroller)
Configuring: (serial bus Controller )
Configuring: (Serial bus controller )
Configuring: (multi media controller )
Configuring: (communications controller )
Configuring: (network Controller )
Press F1 to continue

When i press F1 it bleeps at me and says:

1200 Mhz Celeron CPU
External Cache: 256k installed
Boot CD-ROM type: No Emulation Booting
Press any key to Boot from CD

The only disks i have are Recovery CD disks one and two, but id prefere not to wipe the laptop just yet as i have about 800 music tracks on there (Didnt back it up, didnt think any thing would go wrong with it not been on the internet - wont make that mistake again)

It is an iFriend laptop and years old, it is on XP

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Looks like your Boot device priority has been set to The CD-Rom drive and\or HDD is not being detected....

When u start the LAptop, keep pressing the 'Del' key to start the BIOS menu...since i don't know which BIOS u have i can't be specific, so in general
You have to find the place where the boot device priority has to be set and out the available Options, select the HDD where the OS is installed as the first priority, Save settings and exit...shold boot up well..

HAcKePeLL, thank you so much! Its all sorted now which is fantastic! I also know what to do if it happens again!

No Problem..Happy to help :)

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