I have an IBM color flatbed scanner from '98, used with windows 98 on another PC. Now have windows XP and cant install the driver. SW requirements say win98/winNT. XP apparently cant read the disc as it says 'no disc in drive' (E).
Does this mean I have to junk a perfectly good scanner or is there something that can be done? This really sucks.
thanks for help.

Google it's make and model number and you may find drivers.

yes not a bad idea to Google it, surely there must be a driver for it somewhere in the world, if you don’t come right give your make and model

well it has a make, IBM, and name, color flatbed scanner, but no modl#. Ill se what ggl comes up with. Driver guide was worthless for anything over a few yrs old.

turns out the old IBM drivers are not compat with winxp. looks like a new scanner is in my future. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!11
but thanks for the help with this. couldnt have done it without you.
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